Winners 2020/ Gold

Project: Mother

Client: Mother

Design: B&B Studio

A design-driven approach by a start-up has revolutionised the reputation of the vending industry, attracting incremental customers to the category like Apple and Amazon, who proudly display the business’ machines in prime sites. 

Vending machines are typically associated with unhealthy products and temperamental machinery. The declining market is also challenging to enter, but investment in brand design enabled self-funded, start-up Mother to thrive by humanising the technology of its ‘smart machines’. 

Reflecting the start-up’s mission to sell healthy food, B&B Studio introduced nurturing qualities through the Mother name and tone of voice, and celebrated technology with a stylish identity and machine design which launched in 2015. The machine’s slick look, its touchscreen interface and user experience have won over consumers and clients and gained the respect of brands, who see Mother as a tech partner. 

Within five years from launch, Mother placed 83 machines (22% up on target), smashed the UK’s average weekly vending machine sales by 239% and became a certified vending partner of the three biggest UK caterers, despite being unproven. And its touchscreens have enabled a whole new revenue stream for the brand in the shape of digital advertising, delivering an average sales uplift of 35%.