Winners 2020/ Silver

Project: Harvey Nichols

Client: Harvey Nichols

Design: Smith&+Village

A new positioning and glamorous packaging design reversed a trend of declining sales for Harvey Nichols’ own label food range, and sales value increased by 33.2% after redesign.

Harvey Nichols led the way in luxury food packaging in the 1990s, but as its look hadn’t changed since, internal confidence to introduce new products with the old packaging was dwindling and sales were in decline.

To reinvigorate perceptions of the range and to arrest the sales decline, Harvey Nichols briefed Smith &+ Village to create a new packaging design that would work harder to stand out in-store and online.

Strategically repositioned as a ‘fearlessly stylish collection of gifts you can eat’ and with a design solution that draws on the visual language of fashion rather than food, the range has become the star of Harvey Nichols’ food halls again.

Internal perceptions of the core food range have been strengthened since its redesign, leading to new products being introduced with greater confidence. Harvey Nichols brand sales as a percentage of total food sales grew 7% in the year following relaunch and with the design also working harder online, brand sales value increased by 48.7% on, whilst sales leapt 42% on Ocado.