Winners 2020/ Silver

Project: Honey I'm Home

Client: Honey I'm Home

Design: Lewis Moberly

In only 16 months, a small start-up transformed into a major national pet food brand, achieving distribution in over 1,000 locations across 45 US states with the aid of striking design.

The challenge was to take ‘left-overs’ of India’s meat industry to the sophisticated US pet food market. But dried ears and jerky have long been available in pet stores. Lewis Moberly’s design would need to differentiate the brand from competitors and enable it to become a top-tier player. 

Insight into the anthropomorphism of pets was used to create Honey I’m Home’s packaging and visual identity, which spreads across its website and social media. There was zero awareness of the brand at outset, but it rapidly gained traction. Rational and emotional components of its playful design resonate with dog owners and they’ve connected with the brand on social media, with website visits and Instagram clicks to website growing 82% and 359% year-on-year.

By making unglamorous products like ‘lung bites’ seem friendly, the start-up smashed its target of distribution across California in year one, securing 322 locations in 36 states and delivering sales 80% above benchmarks.