Winners 2021/ Bronze

Project: Tesco Bank Customer Service Transformation

Client: Tesco Bank

Design: Modern Human

A holistic approach to improving customer service through strategic thinking, service and environment design, delivered a demonstrable impact for Tesco Bank, its employees and customers.

To drive customer loyalty, Tesco Bank wanted to create an outstanding customer experience. It would be bucking the trend towards automated service, to add value to the customer experience through human interaction.

Collaborating with Modern Human, a 360-degree examination and redesign of the customer services operation was undertaken addressing the physiological and practical needs of the customer service team. The strategy was to focus on the experience and wellbeing of this frontline team to enhance service delivery and positively impact on the end-customer. 

In rethinking the physical environment, culture and practices of the contact centre along with the systems and tools used, the impact of noise, stress, and cognitive load on the team were reduced.

A range of interventions were designed including spaces for breaks, ‘neighbourhoods’ for more effective collaboration, new shift patterns and daily rituals. As a result, employees feel valued, re-energised and able to tackle more complicated customer issues.

It’s directly improved staff productivity and effectiveness. Staff feel empowered to build stronger customer relationships, to drive efficiencies and retention, and it’s led to happier customers and significantly fewer complaints.