Winners 2021/ Bronze

Project: Voyager X

Client: Globe-Traveller

Design: Ergodesign

Globe-Traveller opened a new factory near Warsaw to meet demand for its redesigned Voyager X campervan, and the business has increased its production potential threefold. 

To build brand recognition and competitive advantage, motorhome business Globe-Traveller recognised the value of implementing a design-driven growth strategy. The initial step was to work with Ergodesign to redesign the business’ Voyager X campervan. 

User research highlighted specific problems with the existing model, while also revealing 75% of campervan users spend as little time as possible inside their vehicles. Designed to address these issues and to meet consumer needs, the new Voyager X model has strengthened Globe-Traveller’s brand image. Focusing on function and aesthetics, the ergonomics, styling, comfort and premium finish of the van have created a marked difference in experience for customers, who find spending time in the vehicle a pleasure. 

Putting the brand in the spotlight, Voyager X’s interior and exterior restyling helped grow Globe-Traveller’s media reach sharply from 100,000 to over 13million. The van’s launch week in summer 2019 was so successful, twice the number of vehicles were sold than all other models sold in total across the previous year. 

Despite an 8% increase in vehicle price, the redesigned Voyager X accounted for 50% of all Globe-Traveller’s orders in 2019 and 75% of production in 2020.