Winners 2021/ Gold

Project: Cafédirect Branding & Packaging

Client: Cafédirect

Design: Family (and friends)

Cafédirect’s bold new identity and pack design are enabling the brand to live up to its sky-high ethics, increasing the money going back to coffee growers by 27%.

The social enterprise had led the way in sustainable Fairtrade coffee since 1991, investing 50% of profits into a charity run by farmers for farmers. But Cafédirect’s ethical messaging had led to consumers viewing the brand functionally and by 2018 it was declining -5.9% despite a booming coffee market.

Collaborating with Family (and friends) to reframe Cafédirect in the eyes of consumers, the business’ new branding and packaging have established it as a premium, modern brand, and delivered exponential sales growth.

The new proposition ‘Ridiculously Good’ communicates the quality of Cafédirect’s coffee and the ethical story behind the business, attracting a new generation of coffee connoisseurs. The visual identity and logo bring the idea to life, delivering shelf standout and ethical differentiation for the brand. Cafédirect’s shop-ability off and online has also been enhanced by clear range architecture and streamlined pack hierarchy.

Targeting 50% growth within five years, in less than 2.5years Cafédirect grew 53% from £7.3million to £11.2million. Crucially, this enabled the business to increase its impact contributions from £848,000 in 2017 to £1,079,000 in 2019, transforming farmers’ livelihoods.