Winners 2021/ Gold

Project: LoneWolf Gin Re-brand

Client: BrewDog Distilling Company

Design: LOVE.

Increasing retail listings 500%, LoneWolf Gin’s dramatic makeover also reduced costs by 44% and unlocked an innovation opportunity for BrewDog Distilling Company.  

In 2019 the gin category was booming, but delisted by its only national retailer Tesco, BrewDog’s gin brand LoneWolf was struggling. Collaborating with LOVE, a comprehensive redesign was undertaken targeting 50% distribution increases, 30% volume growth and a 20% reduction in costs. 

LoneWolf’s new visual identity with its fierce wolf illustration by Bioworkz, reflects the brand’s bold attitude and personality. Delivering maximum impact in-store and on-bar, the pack design is unmistakably BrewDog, while its tone of voice adds bite to the brand. 

Appealing to both consumers and retailers alike, the launch of the new packaging saw LoneWolf relisted by Tesco and secure new partnerships with other national retailers Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons, Co-op and Sainsburys. 

In a market growing by 28%, LoneWolf Dry Gin’s volume sales increased by 185% following the redesign. The flexible brand architecture has supported extension into new formats and flavours, widening the brand’s portfolio from one variant to five.

Changes made to the packaging materials reduced COGS (cost of goods sold) by 44%, enabling a price reduction and unlocking a strategic opportunity for BrewDog to launch a more premium gin, sitting above LoneWolf in price point.