Winners 2021/ Gold

Project: Tread Softly

Client: Fourth Wave Wine

Design: Denomination

Using design to powerfully tell its message, Tread Softly resonated with consumers to become Australia’s fastest growing lighter alcohol brand.

To future proof its business, Fourth Wave Wine was expanding its portfolio with a new, low alcohol wine brand and collaborated with Denomination to develop its strategic vision, values, name, identity and packaging. The key design challenge was to connect with existing customers whilst also attracting a new generation of more health and environmentally conscious wine drinkers.

With an innovative, restrained front-label design juxtaposed with a sumptuous back-label, Tread Softly launched in May 2019. Its quietly powerful presence at shelf entices customers and communicates the brand’s ‘better for you’ and sustainability credentials. The eye-catching design and name reflect the wine’s lower environmental footprint and lighter style, while Tread Softly’s striking instore displays bring-to-life the brand promise to replant a tree for every case of wine sold.

With no other marketing undertaken 61,500 cases of wine were sold, smashing Year One sales forecasts by 515%. In the following six months, the brand doubled in size to 125,000 cases and 125,000 trees were planted due to the success. Within 18 months, Tread Softly secured distribution in 2,500 stores and exports to New Zealand, Canada and Europe.