Winners 2021/ Gold

Project: Whitby Seafoods Branding

Client: Whitby Seafoods

Design: BrandOpus

Driving-up value perception, brand recognition and memorability with a distinctive new identity and a more sustainable packaging solution, Whitby Seafoods added £8million in sales growth, without any media spend. 

Having seen its performance stall, the family-run business set out to achieve at least 20% value and volume sales growth, engaging agency BrandOpus to help it achieve this. 

A new occasion-based segmentation strategy was developed, informing the creation of a memorable new identity and pack design for 20 SKUs. Clearer, more emotional range architecture was introduced, utilising seaside iconography such as beach huts to communicate different usage occasions. The design, which incorporates a flag device to aid brand recognition, is more relevant, easier to navigate at shelf and enables future portfolio diversification. 

Launched in 2019, the more meaningful pack design has driven value perception, attracting new consumers and stealing share from competitors. Penetration has soared 40.1%, with 995,000 new shoppers gained and the brand’s share of the frozen coated seafood market jumped from 18% to 24%.

Whitby Seafood has seen enormous growth of over 45% in value and 52% in volume. It is the only brand in the category to increase awareness, rising 4%. Significantly, the new more sustainable pack design uses 85% less plastic.