Winners 2021/ Silver

Project: Kit & Kin Branding

Client: Kit & Kin

Design: B&B studio

Successfully shifting perceptions of eco-nappies to become one of the fastest growing brands in the market, ethical challenger brand Kit & Kin is commanding a 50%+ price premium over competitors. 

To reduce the environmental impact of disposable nappies, the start-up was launching a nappy made entirely from plant-based materials. With its product performing equally well as competitors’, the key challenge for the brand design would be to overcome eco-nappies’ reputation of ineffectiveness.

Collaborating with B&B studio to create the brand positioning, name, identity, packaging, website and wider brand world, Kit & Kin’s contemporary design avoids conventional eco-codes, instead building on Scandinavian cues communicating trust, safety and performance. 

By balancing the nappy’s environmental and performance credential and engaging consumers in a playful, relatable way with Instagrammable design and clear messaging, Kit & Kin has shifted parents’ perceptions around eco-nappies.

The brand’s unique combination of sustainability and desirability stands out in the static market dominated by global players and Kit & Kin sold over 30 million nappies in just three years. Listings in Boots, Tesco, Ocado and Waitrose have been secured and the nappies are distributed in 31 countries worldwide. Sales are outpacing category growth by over 250% and Kit & Kin’s success has enabled it to purchase and protect 806 acres of endangered rainforest.