Winners 2022/ Bronze

Project: Meridian Rebrand

Client: 3V Natural Foods

Design: Bulletproof

Website sales to consumers soared 84% following Meridian’s bold redesign, and to meet demand nine new jobs were created at its factory in North Wales. 

Meridian is the UK’s leading producer of nut butters. But the market had moved on visually in recent years and where rival brands had evolved, by 2019 Meridian was looking dated and its revenues were taking a hit.  

To turn this around, the brand was repositioned and redesigned in 2020. A sensory brand world was created by Bulletproof, visually showing the brand’s commitment to sustainability and love for the planet. Incorporating a vibrant rainbow icon, the distinctive new identity and packaging design aid shelf navigation and deliver taste appeal. Now easier to recognise at the point of purchase, Meridian’s social media engagement has also grown 169.4%.

With its fresh new look, the brand’s value sales increased 19.4% compared to the previous year. That’s 4.2% ahead of the market and despite Meridian not being able to carry out typical promotion due to the pandemic. Almost £4million in additional revenue was generated with £900,000 coming from new shoppers buying into the category. 

The memorable design not only resonated with consumers, it’s also built Meridian’s value to retail buyers and trade partners, with three new multiple retailer listings secured. Within a year, Meridian grew 1.5 share points to 18.4% and the brand was exported to Germany for the first time.