Winners 2022/ Bronze

Project: My/Mochi Redesign

Client: My/Mochi Ice Cream Co.

Design: Bulletproof

A new identity and pack design connected My/Mochi Ice Cream with Gen Z consumers, and the frozen novelty brand attracted 300,000 followers on TikTok in less than six months.  

In 2017, handheld ice cream snack My/Mochi Ice Cream had been launched to the masses in the US. Three years on, with competition intensifying, Bulletproof was engaged to help the brand defend its position as the leading mochi ice cream. 

A new identity and packaging design were created, bringing to life My/Mochi’s playful brand purpose and boosting shelf standout. The brand’s value sales in major multiple retailers grew to $47.1million following the redesign in 2021, with 12.9million packs sold. This represented a respective increase of 61% and 106.5% versus the same period a year before the redesign and with no paid media advertising. 

Having previously skewed highly female, the more gender-neutral visual expression has balanced out the appeal of My/Mochi. The design has resonated with new consumers while still being recognisable to existing fans. And it’s unlocked new product development opportunities for My/Mochi by providing a flexible platform for the brand to extend into new formats. 

No-longer a small niche brand, My/Mochi Ice Cream is now competing with Unilever, Nestlé and Mars. The redesign enabled it to maintain its premium price point and move beyond mainstream retail into other categories, and My/Mochi can now be found in over 500 Hilton properties in the US.