Winners 2022/ Bronze

Project: Raw Halo Rebrand

Client: Raw Halo

Design: B&B studio

Two tonnes of plastic and four tonnes of cardboard waste are being saved annually by vegan chocolate bar brand Raw Halo, following a redesign which enabled the business to meet its ethical aspirations and improve margins.   

In 2018, having recently secured listings in 200 Waitrose stores, Raw Halo wanted to capitalise on its first opportunity in grocery. As well as aiming to expand its reach, the young brand also had ambitions to become a plastic-free business to further its ethical credibility.   

Shaking up the chocolate shelves with a bold visual identity, plastic-free packaging design, new positioning and messaging by B&B studio, Raw Halo was able to introduce recyclability while retaining a sense of quality. 

Launched in 2019, the new design communicates raw and vegan while achieving delicious taste cues. It connected with modern consumers, transforming Raw Halo from niche premium offering to mainstream ethical player, competing alongside established premium accessible chocolate brands such as Lindt and Green & Blacks.

The move to the recyclable, paper-based wrapper delivered environmental benefits and slashed production costs. This allowed for a 25% drop in RRP – crucial for Raw Halo’s shift into mainstream grocery. Aiming for 20% sales growth year-on-year, following the rebrand Raw Halo exceeded its first-year growth targets by 35% and has gone on to increase sales by an average of 25% annually. The business beat its distribution targets by 335%, including securing new listings with Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.