Winners 2022/ Bronze

Project: UpCircle Branding

Client: UpCircle by Optiat

Design: Studio More Design

UpCircle’s range grew from seven to 26 SKUs after redesign and the sustainable skincare brand’s greater visibility is enabling it to inspire others on the circular economy. 

Back in 2015, UpCircle began its journey named Optiat. Saving coffee-grounds from landfill and turning these into body and face scrubs, it was the first sustainable skincare brand to plug into the circular economy. After successfully crowdfunding, the business wanted to build its brand to fulfil its growth potential. 

From its name, to brand identity, packaging and digital design, Studio More Design and their creative collaborators transformed Optiat into a recognisable and desirable brand. Embodying the circularity concept and highlighting the sustainable journey of UpCircle’s core ingredients, the consistent new look and feel have unified the company’s products and differentiated it in the category. 

With no other changes in the business’ marketing activity, the redesign enabled a 37% increase in price point, while the average spend-per purchase has leapt 77%. UpCircle has grown stockists 900% and exports 150%. It is now available in over 3,000 locations in 30 countries, with the design transformation contributing to turnover increases of 2400% since the brand’s December 2018 relaunch. 

The UpCircle team has also swelled from two to 14 staff and in 2020, its repurposed ingredient portfolio expanded to ten by-products, saving more waste from landfill.