Winners 2022/ Bronze

Project: Voltaren Flip-top Easy Open Cap

Client: GlaxoSmithKline

Design: DCA Design International

Voltaren’s new easy-open cap is proving a revelation for joint pain sufferers, with 93% of test consumers agreeing the new flip-top design is more intuitive and easier to open first time.

GlaxoSmithKline wanted to meet the needs of consumers with hand-pain and dexterity problems who need to use pain relief gel, but find it challenging to unscrew a conventional cap.

Engaging DCA to design a new cap for its topical pain relief brand Voltaren 12 Hour Gel (Voltarol in the UK), the aim was to drive loyalty and attract new users to maintain the brand’s market lead. Focusing on solving users’ frustrations with Voltaren’s existing screw cap, which was already considered best-in-class for inclusivity, a bespoke new cap was designed. 

Flipping open effortlessly with a finger, palm or table edge, the cap is intuitive and isn't fiddly to use. Its integrated tamper seal, soft edging, larger surface area, haptic click on closing, all meet the needs of the people it’s designed for. And it’s all been achieved at the same cost as the old cap and manufactured faster on the same equipment.

Improving user experience through the cap design has helped safe-guard Voltaren’s market-leading position and justify its premium price. With 85% of growth coming from new category buyers and consumers persuaded to trade up, Voltaren’s sales grew 5.76% in its largest market Germany in the year after the cap’s launch, 35% ahead of market growth.