Winners 2022/ Silver

Project: McCain Street Fries

Client: McCain

Design: BrandOpus

Appealing to a younger audience by an additional 23%, Street Fries’ pack design helped McCain successfully shift overall brand image.

King of the frozen aisle, McCain needed to keep innovating to grow the bottom line. Launching a new main-meal product (a ready-to-heat kit of fries, meat sauce and toppings), the aim was to change perception of McCain’s being a traditional side dish and appeal to a younger audience in France.

From the name, to the photography, typography and paper cartons, BrandOpus’ design solution transports consumers to bustling street food markets and creates a personality away from the McCain Masterbrand. The bold, colourful and rustic package design and distinctive name ‘Street Fries’ have enabled the product to speak to a younger audience and move the overall brand image for McCain.

Launching in April 2020, McCain sold over 2.5 million units of Street Fries in its first year, despite the pandemic’s negative impact on supermarket express meals. Communicating deliciousness, convenience and ease, the design brought customers to the freezer aisle and by attracting new consumers, McCain’s other frozen snacking products weren’t cannibalised. 

Achieving 4.8% market penetration within twelve months, Street Fries exceeded its 3% target, over-indexing on families with teenagers and young people, and generating €8.5 million in turnover. Building on its success in France, the range is now also available in Belgium and Italy.