Winners 2022/ Silver

Project: Midol Brand Restage

Client: Bayer Healthcare

Design: goDutch

A game-changing new design revitalised menstrual pain relief brand Midol, increasing its sales velocity 18.7% and opening up innovation opportunities. 

Although Midol was market leader in the speciality menstrual pain segment, it was lacking visibility in an aisle filled with general pain relievers. Seeing opportunity for the brand beyond just pain relief, Bayer Healthcare worked with goDutch to develop a strategy and design vision which would enable Midol to gain a broader platform within the flourishing women’s wellness category.

Targeting a younger consumer and aiming for an 18% sales uplift, Midol was completely renovated. A disruptive new positioning, visual identity and pack design conveying modern femininity and efficacy was launched in 2020. This enabled Midol to expand into multi-symptom period relief, inspiring new innovations and increasing relevance with Millennial and Generation Z women. Buyers leapt 15% on the previous year and household penetration grew 30 basis points.

The simple, powerful design and vibrant palette differentiate Midol’s packaging from the ‘sea of blue’ in the analgesics’ aisle. The new design system, centring around a graphic ‘M’, stands out on shelf and digital media, providing an ownable aesthetic across SKUs and channels. This allowed Midol to pivot to e-commerce channels during the pandemic and in a challenging retail year, product sales grew 25% to over $37million.