Winners 2023/ Bronze

Project: Takamaka Rum rebrand

Client: Takamaka Rum

Design: Pearlfisher

With its premium positioning, Takamaka Rum’s rebrand has seen it grow export sales 125%.  

Launched 20 years ago, and distilled in the founders’ garden, Takamaka Rum is still made the same way today. Although a favourite at home in the Seychelles where it had nearly 100% distribution, Takamaka’s exporting had stalled. Wanting to premiumise the brand, the d’Offay family commissioned Pearlfisher to create a design which would take the rum to the best bars around the world.  

Capturing the spirit of Takamaka’s home islands and avoiding the cliches of the rum category, the imaginative identity and packaging are built around the core idea of ‘The Undiscovered’ and inspired by the Seychelles flag. The brand has been able to raise its price by 100% in its domestic market with no change to the drink itself, and home sales have nearly quadrupled since the redesign. 

The modern, stand-out look and premium positioning have also caught the eye of drinkers and bartenders around the world; Takamaka had just nine export markets before the new design launched in 2021, now they have 44. Leading global distributors who previously turned down the brand have signed it up, while the flexibility created by the rebrand has enabled Takamaka to expand its revenue streams, opening a retail & bar experience in Seychelles airport, and developing additional products and merchandising opportunities. In total, the brand’s sales revenue is up 89% on pre-Covid levels.