Winners 2023/ Bronze

Project: Solar Energy UK rebrand

Client: Solar Energy UK

Design: Brand Ethos

Solar Energy UK achieved an unprecedented set of policy wins in 2021, following a rebrand which positioned it as a modern trade association. 

Despite solar energy being vital to the UK’s renewable energy market, the Solar Trade Association’s membership had halved since 2015. It needed a reboot to be seen as a modern organisation with the credibility to lead the high-tech solar industry. 

Brand Ethos worked with the organisation to redefine the brand, renaming the association Solar Energy UK (SEUK) to capture its advocacy role and creating a bold, new visual identity, which reflects the modernity of the industry. An intuitive new website was also designed, guiding users with clear signposting and minimal navigation and cleverly featuring distinctive illustrations. The design radiates confidence in the organisation’s vision, and it has positioned SEUK as sector leading.  

Following the rebrand which launched in January 2021, the association’s influence brought about long sought-after policy changes and 75% of members surveyed agreed SEUK unites the sector with a common purpose to advance industry interests.  

Member numbers rose 26% in one year to 262, while 92% of members were retained in comparison to a trade association benchmark of 84%. 24 businesses upgraded their membership bringing in £49,000 more in fees, and overall SEUK’s income rose 47% from £405,000 in 2020 to £595,000 in 2021, leading to the team nearly doubling in size, from seven to 13 staff.