Winners 2023/ Silver

Project: LUSU naming and branding

Client: LUSU

Design: The Engine Room

LUSU’s brand design has enabled it to expand its reach from 20 to 375 schools, making a difference to the lives of more children and young people with disabilities.  

Lou Assouin and Sue Morrison have been delivering inclusive sports coaching since 2006 and had developed a range of physical educational products, activities and courses which are stimulating and safe for children with disabilities. But to increase the number of young people benefiting from truly inclusive sport, they wanted to engage more schools and train more teachers in using these tools and techniques.  

Working with The Engine Room, the business was named LUSU – a play on the founders’ names, with the meaningful undertone: ‘Learning United, Sport Unlimited’. A vibrant and memorable identity was crafted and rolled out across everything from their educational products to website. 

Embodying and articulating the breadth of LUSU’s offer in an easy-to-understand and engaging way, the new design has resonated with schools, sports organisations and teachers. It’s brought cohesion and credibility to the brand and having previously struggled to develop a relationship with the Lawn Tennis Association, LUSU is now a proud partner organisation, alongside Deloitte and Dunlop. 

LUSU’s target of working with 50 schools was smashed by 650% and 1,125 trainers have been engaged to deliver sport inclusively. Originally aiming to help 500 disabled children enjoy being physically active, this was exceeded by 58% with 792 more children reached.