Winners 2023/ Silver

Project: Nuud rebrand

Client: Nuud

Design: Mother Design

With 95% of UK streets stained by chewing gum, Nuud is revolutionary. Plant-based and plastic free, its gum biodegrades like a banana skin; but the brand was struggling to communicate this unique proposition and gain cut through with retailers and consumers.  

A fearless and fun design was created by Mother Design and launched in March 2021. Through the new brand positioning and striking design, Nuud is raising awareness that chewing gum is a single-use plastic, while simultaneously communicating that it is an environmentally friendly alternative. Spanning the packaging and brand world, from the look and feel of the advertising, to digital, social and product extensions, its bold graphics and unapologetic strapline playfully educate on the pitfalls of ordinary gum and the unique selling point of Nuud. 

The design is distinct on shelf, whilst leveraging category colour codes to deliver mass appeal, and its driven distribution which has leapt from 100 retailers to over 2,500 since the 2021 rebrand, including with Waitrose, Boots and Co-op.  

Nuud’s sales grew 900% year-on-year and in 2022 the equivalent of 3,750,000 plastic straws were saved from entering the environment by consumers purchasing the brand rather than regular gum. That’s 1775% more than prior to the redesign. The growth in sales has meant the business has increased its team from one to six full-time employees and impressed by Nuud’s performance, Candy Kitten invested £750,000 in the brand.