Winners 2023/ Silver

Project: Smirnoff Raspberry Crush

Client: Diageo

Design: Bulletproof

Raspberry Crush’s differentiated design transformed the performance of Smirnoff’s flavours and the vodka brand became the fastest growing spirit in absolute value, adding £22million on the previous year.  

The world’s number one vodka, Smirnoff had a range of 12 flavours. But even as the trend for flavoured vodkas was on the rise, growing at +15% year-on-year in Britain, Smirnoff had been losing market share.  

Starting with the brand’s raspberry variant, Diageo and Bulletproof created an updated platform for Smirnoff’s flavoured vodkas with the aim of recruiting consumers to the brand. With a design system which can be expanded across the range, the fresh new look united the proposition across Smirnoff’s flavours and enabled Raspberry Crush to become their most successful-ever flavour launch.  

Punchy colours, glamorous foils and fruit illustrations capture Raspberry Crush’s intensely juicy flavour and it’s impossible to miss at fixture. Spanning visual identity, packaging and point of sale, the vibrant design triggered incremental growth: 74% of drinkers were new to Smirnoff and 50% were new to vodka.  

Raspberry Crush was responsible for 97% of growth in the flavoured vodka category within one year of its July 2021 launch, delivering £19.5million of the £20.2million year-on-year growth and becoming the number one NPD in both spirits and flavoured vodka. Off the back of its UK success, Raspberry Crush has been launched in Germany and Ireland and the design platform has been extended to other flavours.