Winners 2013/Internal Communications Bronze

Project: It all adds up

Client: The University of Leeds

Design: Appetite

The University of Leeds is one of the world’s leading centres for environmental impact and sustainability research. With more than 100 buildings and 70,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually, its energy bill is over £10.5 million a year and expected to rise to £17.9 million in 2020/21 through taxation and tariff increases.

Appetite was brought on board to help the University reach its carbon reduction goal of 35%, potentially saving 240,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. Appetite and the University worked closely together to create a communications programme based on distinctive colours and typography to cut through the clutter and appeal to a diverse and multi-cultural audience.

This approach inspired a pre-Christmas campaign to encourage staff to shut down their equipment over the holiday period. This has resulted in electricity savings (not including heating) of £29,000 (217 tonnes of carbon) in just 11 days, representing 33% cost savings and 26% carbon reduction.