Winners 2014/Brand Identity under £100,000 Gold

Project: Croots Rebrand

Client: Croots

Design: WPA Pinfold

AC Supplies, a North Yorkshire maker of canvas and leather shooting bags, felt that their brand had no real equity beyond their core trade supply base. They wanted to create a fresh, stand-alone brand that would compete in the consumer market and emphasise their 40-year heritage.

The new Croots brand was created by WPA Pinfold with a focus on signature shooting products and leather gun bags. A design inspired by the decoration on shotgun barrels has been incorporated with all Croots promotional media, and exhibition boards are used as giant material swatches.

The increase in retail sales for Croots was a staggering 17,963%, representing 15% of the brand’s total turnover. Exports have grown by 250% and four new global accounts have been won to match four new national accounts. The success of the rebrand culminated when Allistair Croot, the company’s director, personally received a telephone order from the Duchess of Cambridge.