Winners 2014/Brand Identity under £100,000 Bronze

Project: Xercise4Less

Client: Xercise4Less

Design: The Engine Room

To capitalise on the growing popularity of budget gyms, Xercise4Less needed a stronger brand identity. The position of the company in the sector was a new move, bringing the brand away from its more exclusive ‘health and fitness’ roots.

A new communications strategy was developed with the help of The Engine Room. With tough deadlines in place based on new club opening dates, the entire project was ready to roll out in only three months. The repositioning cemented the brand as ‘The People’s Gym’, making it more friendly and accessible to their wider audience.

Since the new brand launched at the start of 2012, Xercise4Less has smashed projected targets, increasing turnover by 120% and seeing similar ROI after just six months. The chain is also close to becoming the most successful and recognised gym brand in the UK, and has signed a co-brand deal with Tesco.