Winners 2014/Brand Identity under £100,000 Bronze

Project: Look Mum No Hands!

Client: H2C Enterprises

Design: OPX

Look Mum No Hands! (LMNH) is a bicycle workshop and café-bar in central London. It wanted to be recognised as a friendly, relaxed destination selling quality coffee, food and alcohol. By the end of year one, LMNH also aimed to become the ‘hub’ for London’s cyclist community and a well-known name nationally.

OPX created the LMNH name - which didn’t yet exist when the founders approached the consultancy. They also produced a look and feel inspired by British cycling memorabilia, incorporating woodblock and metal lettering for a more authentic atmosphere.

Turnover and profit both exceeded expectations within the first three months of launch. One in five people in the vicinity of LMNH recognise the identity without mention of the name, and 40% of customers surveyed visited after passing by, despite 20% of LMNH customers not being cyclists themselves. Profit has increased by a total of 148% since launch.