Winners 2014/Packaging. Branded Drink Gold

Project: Angostura 1919

Client: Angostura

Design: Good

Angostura approached Good with a somewhat oxymoronic task – to modernise their 1919 brand. Their staple super-premium rum had been underperforming next to other products in the Angostura portfolio. This was due to high manufacturing costs, a dated packaging design, and their inconsistency with the rest of the Angostura brand.

The new design needed to be unmistakably Angostura, and packaged in a way that would make it accessible to a wider target-audience. Scrapping the hefty decanter originally used, Good were able to save on overheads, consolidate the Angostura range, and, with the help of artist Johanna Basford, inject a taste of Trinidadian heritage.

Success was instant. In its first year, sales volume for the 1919 brand increased by as much as 44%, and the brand returned an increase of 491% on its original investment. But perhaps most staggering of all is recognising the limited budget, of just £30,000, under which all of this has been achieved.