Winners 2014/Packaging. Branded Food Bronze

Project: Posh Birds

Client: Noble Foods

Design: Springetts Brand Design Consultants

Church & Manor were a truly unique class of eggs, with market-redefining potential. But accessibility issues were preventing them from realising this ambition. With warning lights flashing over this speciality range, Noble Foods found themselves in need of an eleventh-hour rebranding. Facing an oversaturated market locked in a state of a decline, Springetts were chosen to help these golden eggs really shine.

Thanks to a sophisticated minimalist design, a dash of crafty copy, and a jocular new name, Church & Manor eggs were reborn as Posh Birds. And with the establishment of a consistent brand portfolio Springetts were able to create a tiered approach to this variety of delicacies, enabling the discovery of a much wider audience.

After only one year on the market, Posh Birds has taken off to profound success. Now available across all of the Big Four supermarkets, these opulent eggs have become the second largest brand in their category.