Winners 2014/Packaging. Own Brand / Food Gold

Project: Everyday Value

Client: Tesco

Design: Rocket Design Consultants

Tesco realised in recent years that, despite year-on-year growth of 4.9%, its Value range remained relatively stagnant. When they commissioned Rocket Design Consultants, they hoped to eliminate any stigma associated with buying Value by rebranding its packaging to more accurately reflect a product’s contents.

Rocket Design Consultants researched customer reception of the Value brand to identify its biggest pitfalls. They found its name carried connotations of low quality, while its colours were outdated and its rigid typeface unwelcoming.  They changed the name to Everyday Value and incorporated several new colours to make the packaging look more enticing. The addition of key benefits and product photography also fostered enhanced transparency.

18 weeks after the product relaunch in April 2012, Tesco’s Everyday Value sales rose 9.8% against a market average of 3.3%. The initiative reflected well across Tesco as a whole, with one in three shoppers reporting an improved impression of the retailer.