Winners 2014/Packaging. Own Brand / Food Bronze

Project: Ocado Own Brand

Client: Ocado

Design: jones knowles ritchie

In 2010, Ocado began offering 600 own-brand grocery lines. After a satisfactory first year, they set a target for 75% of baskets to contain own-brand. Ocado wanted to establish itself as a credible grocer and drive customer affinity.

Ocado asked JKR to design eye-catching, aspirational and cost-effective packaging. Rather than follow the tired logo – product name – image template, JKR developed a bold, decorative design based on the Ocado swirl. Bright colours identify and unify the range, also evoking a specific quality of each product (e.g. blue to suggest water and freshness). The lack of photography makes the design low-cost and easy to implement, and different colour combinations make extending the range easy.

Since launching the packaging, the line has grown almost 10 times faster than the business. Now, 84% of baskets contain own-brand and customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. What’s more, Ocado profited £129 for every £1 invested in the re-design.