Winners 2015/Brand Identity over £100,000 Bronze

Project: Bringing History to Life

Client: English Heritage

Design: Smith & Milton

English Heritage plays a unique role in preserving and presenting the spectacular history of our country. Research though suggested that it was seen as unexciting, and likened to a middle-aged, portly, professional man. They needed to transform perceptions from dry and dusty to welcoming and warm.

An overall direction for the business, ‘We bring history to life’, was developed to reflect the work and vision of English Heritage and also the experience you get when you visit one of the unique heritage sites.

The new brand launched in 2013 and the impact on visitor numbers and income has exceeded objectives in all areas, with perceptions of English Heritage changed to a welcoming and engaging brand. August 2013 saw English Heritage exceed one million visitors per month for the first time ever, while visitor numbers and income have increased by 13% and 12% year-on-year respectively.