Winners 2015/Brand Identity over £100,000 Gold

Project: What the Heck!

Client: Heck

Design: Elmwood

With no name or brand, the Keeble family had been selling their sausages under the family name when they decided they wanted to take the product to the next level. The sausages spoke for themselves; the challenge was to create a brand that did them justice.

Justifying a place on the shelf in an over-crowded market was the biggest challenge. The passion for food was the drive behind the whole business and this needed to be at the heart of the brand. The maxim ‘What the Heck’ was adopted and Heck was born.

With no PR or marketing budget the design has been central to the success. Starting with nothing, Heck has become a £3.5m brand in just twelve months. Year two is looking even more promising, with current sales volumes at £14,000 per day, putting Heck on track to meet their target of £7m sales more than three years ahead of target.