Winners 2015/Brand Identity under £100,000 Gold

Project: Manomasa: Tortillas with Spirit

Client: Manomasa

Design: Pearlfisher

Using the finest quality ingredients, the passionate team of foodies behind Manomasa developed a truly world class product, but they needed a voice to tell everybody.

Simple yet celebratory, the brand is a proud statement of what these chips offer and where they come from. The packaging brings to life the crisp shape and texture while being surrounded by the core ingredients of each flavour.

One year from launch the results have been exceptional. Sales trebled to 200% over the objective with year-on-year March monthly sales up 75%, while two years ahead of target they achieved a listing in a multiple, Sainsbury’s. The design investment has been recouped in just six months and the tortilla revolution shows no sign of halting with another three flavours in the pipeline.

What makes these results even more remarkable is that there was absolutely no other support beyond the brand positioning and design in the first year of trading.