Winners 2015/Brand Identity under £100,000 Silver

Project: OTE

Client: OTE Sports

Design: Elmwood

As former athletes, the founders of OTE (On The Edge) knew there was a better way of doing sports nutrition. Their aim was to deliver products that could give athletes the physical edge through superior nutrition and the mental edge through expert advice.

OTE wanted to fill the gap in the sports nutrition market, creating an innovative, high-performance range that delivered great-tasting, natural sports fuel. The OTE branding and design on their exclusive, ‘dual-delivery opening system’ products makes them stand out. With an authoritative but approachable tone of voice, customers can find the product and understand how to use it.

The results speak for themselves.  In just a year, OTE has established itself as a credible, trusted brand, securing major sponsorship with Team Belkin, Holland’s premier pro-cycling team. Sales have gone from zero to £500,000 and with international distributors already secured, they are two years ahead of the business plan.