Winners 2015/Industrial Design Gold, Grand Prix

Project: BT Home Hub 5

Client: BT

Design: Alloy

The BT Home Hub 5 is an integrated VDSL modem and wireless router and is the core device used to connect customers to the BT fibre optic network. A customer experience audit of the BT broadband offer identified several issues that needed to be addressed. At the top of the list was redesigning the device so that it would fi t through letterboxes, thereby eliminating missed deliveries. This redesign saw the ‘windscreen’ form and deployable feet being added to provide stability; the letterbox size has reduced packaging and distribution costs significantly, and now 30% of customers no longer require an engineer visit to install the device.

The integration of design with technical innovation and collaborations has also allowed BT to achieve significant experiential benefits. An integrated VDSL modem means a web-based installation process that permits customers to use any wireless device to set up the device. Hub 5 will also reduce BT CO2 emissions by 13,147 tonnes per year.