Winners 2015/Packaging. Structural Gold

Project: Penhaligon’s Musical Christmas Boxes 2013

Client: Penhaligon’s

Design: jones knowles ritchie

With Christmas approaching, luxury perfumers Penhaligon’s had the ambition to boost sales on a limited budget. A packaging redesign was agreed, with the additional aim to produce the new item at parity cost and build affinity for the brand. The refreshed look centred on the client’s Victorian provenance and, specifically, music boxes from the era which were interpreted as birdcages holding mechanical songbirds. Two items were produced – mini tins to hold the perfume and a ‘hero’ tin which allowed the consumer to hand select its contents for greater buying theatre.

With a striking new look and an incentive for buyers to upscale their purchase, the client achieved its goal of lifting sales, while the use of tin as a material kept production costs low. Overall sales jumped by 23%, and sales of the mini tins rose by 68%. At the same time, production costs exceeded expectations by falling by 5%.