Winners 2015/Point of Sale Gold

Project: Fairy Shelf Ready Packaging

Client: Procter & Gamble

Design: Webb deVlam

Procter & Gamble saw an opportunity to redesign the shelf ready packaging (SRP) used to hold primary packs of its Fairy washing up liquid product, with the aim of boosting sales, cutting costs and simplifying operations.

The packaging was redesigned in close partnership with the client and suppliers to meet these targets, with the brand name and value-adding product-specific claims used as hotspots to capture consumer attention on the shelf. The SRP structure was revised to make it easier to stack and createoff-shelf displays – removing the need to spend on customised displays and thereby lowering cost.

The new packaging also enables a simpler and safer opening process for store assistants. With the new SRP on the shelf, Fairy sales increased by 4%, and production costs dropped by 50% when compared to the previous design. Customised display material and costs also fell by an impressive 50%, making the design strategy a huge success.