Winners 2016/Beverages Silver

Project: Treboom Brewery Bottle Range

Client: Treboom Brewery

Design: United by Design

Launched in 2011, micro-brewery Treboom was already thriving and supplying numerous pubs, but looking for a step change from just brewing cask ale.  They decided upon bottling their ale, which would open up several new markets for both retail and trade sales, to shops and restaurants, diversifying the brewery’s revenue streams.

The striking brand packaging design has a strong illustration style and in the two years since launch the bottles have outperformed the market by 783%; a fantastic achievement given that their chosen price point is up to 97% above the market average. Monthly targets have exceeded an average of 122% and the brewery has expanded its outlets from a selection within 40 miles around the brewery to national, including the Tate Modern and a Michelin Star restaurant. Success has enabled investment in a new member of staff, along with new equipment, which is increasing efficiency and productivity at the brewery.