Winners 2017/Beverages Gold

Project: Green’s Gluten Free Beer

Client: Green’s Beers

Design: WPA Pinfold

A rebrand and new bottle designs earned Green’s Gluten Free Beers a place on the mainstream beer shelf and delivered a 366% return on investment in just one year.

Thanks to a brave and contemporary design with an iconic brand logo, the brand looks like the premium craft beer it is. The new design supports its high price point, drives brand recognition and loyalty and gives incredible shelf impact and appeal, whilst still ensuring the beers are seen as a safe drink for coeliacs – ones they can be proud to buy.

In a fantastically overcrowded market, the redesign alone has increased sales by 35% year-on-year and new export order accounts have been won in Australia, China, Japan and Chile. Sainsbury’s revoked a decision to delist Green’s and it now sits in the mainstream beer category as well as the ‘Free From’ section, and a new listing has been won across the Co-op’s 580 stores.