Winners 2017/Beverages Gold

Project: Horlicks India Restage

Client: GlaxoSmithKline

Design: Cowan & GSK Nutrition Design Team

A seamless redesign of product packaging has kept Horlicks at the forefront of the Health Food Drink category in India, with a 19% increase sales in the first three months.

In light of India’s huge economic growth, buying behaviour was rapidly changing. People are constantly searching for something new, and in order to grow, Horlicks needed to restage its entire range to future proof the brand. The challenge was to redesign every SKU in the existing business and provide a full architecture for today as well as over a five-year NPD pipeline, allowing for brand stretch into adjacent categories.

Clearly communicating Horlicks’ integral nutrition science story, the packaging has been redesigned to make it uncopiable by other brands and stand out on often cramped, dark and dusty shelves.

The new packaging has reduced packaging costs by £500,000, while doubling Horlicks’ year-on-year sales from 5 to 10% growth and gaining a record market share of 69.5%.