Winners 2017/Beverages Gold

Project: Harrogate Spring Water

Client: Harrogate Water Brands

Design: Thompson Brand Partners

In just two years, Harrogate Spring Water has increased its profits by 47% with a new bottle design.
At the heart of Harrogate Spring Water’s problem was its lack of clear brand positioning. They were also supplying own-label water, which meant squeezing margins. 

Clear strategic thinking transformed Harrogate Spring Water into ‘the designer water’, as named by Cathay Pacific. It drew on its history as ‘The Original British Spa Town’ by creating a bottle and label design centred on the Victorian Middle Eastern and Oriental decoration of the Royal Baths.

The diamond-shaped bottle, silver and black label deism with patterns inspired by the Royal Baths, and a symbol on the bottle lid set it apart as a premium water brand.

Two years on, and Harrogate Spring Water has smashed its target of 20% sales increase by achieving remarkable growth of 41.4% and it is now the bottle of choice for eight airlines, compared with just two in 2013.