Winners 2017/Beverages Gold

Project: Orangina: Shaking up a Classic

Client: Lucozade Ribena Suntory

Design: BrandMe

Gone were the days that glass-bottled Orangina reminded the UK population of holidays in France. It was declining by 29% year-on-year having been sold in generic 2-litre PET bottles. Orangina needed to reposition the brand to put the sparkle back into this classic.

With the aim of reclaiming the ‘Open Socials’ market who want something a bit luxurious for the everyday, Orangina was determined to get back to its premium grassroots.

It wasn’t as easy as simply doing it how they used to – a lot of competitors had found growth in the soft drinks market. With a clever redesign, which captures the brand’s playful personality and reinforces its heritage, Orangina bounced back with a 35% increase in sales in the first three months. In direct response to the redesign, retailers considerably raised Orangina’s price per litre. By the second half of the year, retail sales grew by 66% and market share is the highest in company history.