Winners 2017/Charity Silver

Project: The Snowdon Trust

Client: The Snowdon Trust

Design: Elmwood

Donations to The Snowdon Award Scheme, which offers grants and bursaries to help students with disabilities access higher education, were stagnating amid low awareness and confusion over its purpose. In a competitive sector, the charity needed help to get its message across in a compelling way.

With a new name –  Snowdon Trust – and new, strong brand communications, the charity increased its influence and credibility and ensured immediate understanding of its charitable status. The new brand, with a distinctive ‘equals’ sign marque, focuses on the abilities of the people the Trust helps.

Staffed by a small team of just four part-timers, the new style and simple guidelines ensure it’s easy and cost-effective to create new communications on an ongoing basis. Donors have responded: annual donation income in 2016 was more than double that of 2011, and the Trust has secured its first significant legacy donation that will keep it in the black for the foreseeable future.