Winners 2017/Food & Drug Retailers Silver

Project: Booths Bags for Life

Client: Booths

Design: Smith&+Village

Regional food and drink chain Booths was one of many retailers facing a headache with new legislation enforcing a charge for plastic bags, fearing a backlash from shoppers. They turned to their long-time creative partner to collaborate on a magic bullet of a solution.

Aiming to emulate the iconic bags of retailers like Bloomingdales, Booths introduced affordable fabric bags that appeal to the heart as well as the head. The six designs combine simple typography with Northern wit, turning humble carriers into walking billboards that owners use day-in, day-out. Customers are now promoting the brand in ways Booths’ minimal advertising budget could never stretch to.

Sales of their fabric bags are up 510% since their introduction, generating sales worth over £230,000 in 12 months. Booths recouped their initial outlay in sales nine times over in the first year alone, effectively creating a new product category in the process.