Winners 2017/Food & Drug Retailers Silver

Project: SOpharmacy

Client: SOpharmacy

Design: Creative Leap

In light of Bulgaria’s economic growth and gradual improvement of living standards in cities, consumers were seeking more choices in the arenas of personal health and wellbeing. This presented Sopharma Trading with an opportunity to create a new retail pharmacy brand with a disruptive brand positioning.

Initially starting as a pilot store in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital, SOpharmacy aimed to compete through the quality and experience of its offer rather than low prices. With little in the way of marketing activity, the positioning and design have been vital in ensuring the brand is clearly differentiated, relevant, inviting and engaging to customers. It’s been such a success that within six months of SOpharmacy opening, a neighbouring competitor had to close.

SOpharmacy has achieved rapid growth that’s five-times faster than the overall market, now opening one store a month on average. Total sales outstripped targets by 40% and through research they have found that 98% of people like the chain.