Winners 2017/Food & Drug Retailers Gold

Project: Booths Own Label

Client: Booths

Design: Smith&+Village

Booths’ own label was failing to drive sales, but with 42% of people reported to think of own label as higher quality than brands, Booths had an opportunity to drive home its premium personality.

With a simple, but effective new design, Booths has managed to instil trust and confidence in buyers and suppliers with a strong own-label brand. In a sector that had shrunk by 0.6%, Booths’ managed to increase total sales by 11%.

The solution flies in the face of accepted norms for own label design both in terms of its strategic approach and its creative execution. Booths adopted a monolithic approach with no cobranding or tiering, and a typographic design with the same font, layout and straightforward naming structure across the range.

In just two years, Booths’ own-label sales increased by 22.1% - that’s a rise of £14.8million, and total sales jumped up by 11% to £24.6million.