Winners 2018/Beverages Bronze

Project: Brewing warmth and growth for Tetley

Client: Tata Global Beverages

Design: Landor Associates

Tetley has always had a strong reputation and following, but sales had dropped by -12% as new premium entrants were seizing market share. That was until a new brand strategy and identity reversed the trend into +3% sales growth.

The ritual of drinking simple black tea was dwindling with the rise of alternate flavours and health trend teas. It meant that Tetley was losing relevance.

To draw back people who had switched from Tetley and attract new customers, they changed the focus of the branding to be human-centric. It is a friendly and modern evolution of the well-known brand  and the new flexible design works across the range, enabling different backgrounds to be used for the various flavours.

Since the rebrand launched in September 2015, Tetley’s market share has grown from 15% to 17% and between January and March 2016, Tetley sales increased by £0.7 million per week. Its brand distinctiveness has increased from 52.3% to 71.4%, and consumers are finding the new packaging 25% quicker than before.