Winners 2018/Beverages Silver

Project: Java Republic: Something's been brewing

Client: Java Republic

Design: Honey

A new range of 18 premium, organic teas was Java Republic’s answer to standing out in the highly competitive Irish market. It had the opportunity to compete on a global scale, but its undistinctive packaging wasn’t allowing it to take market share.

Superior, quality, ethics and sustainability are at the core of Java Republic, and it was vital that the new packaging told this story. It soon became clear that a whole brand refresh was needed to maximise potential.  

A cleaner logo design, bespoke illustrations and a shift in focus to explain the quality of the tea infusions and the specialness of the hand-stitched pillow, created a proud identity that instils trust in shoppers and achieved consistency across their entire portfolio.

Java Republic has since outperformed the market. With a 51% increase in sales and new exports in Portugal, Czech Republic, Poland and UAE, the redesign has seen a 593% return on investment. The rebrand has also enabled Java Republic to increase their prices by 23%.