Winners 2018/Beverages Silver

Project: Bulwark: The new world cider

Client: Bulwark

Design: WPA Pinfold

Bulwark Cider, a Canadian brand, may have been thoroughly enjoyed by locals, but markets across the country and overseas weren’t on its radar. That is until a rebrand earnt it listings in the UK, USA, Hong Kong and China.

With the craft cider market becoming highly competitive, the design needed to appeal to mainstream markets to have a large-scale penetration, whilst still communicating the artisan story.

Off the back of the rise in craft beer, they re-pitched as a signature blend, focusing on the provenance of the ingredients and Nova Scotia’s 400-year apple growing heritage. Hand-drawn lettering and an organic design depict the authentic qualities, and make it eye-catching on the shelf and bar.

The rebrand has totally repositioned Bulwark and it is now one of the biggest cider brands out of 250 in Nova Scotia. Revenue increased by 62% in just one year, and the drink is sold in the premium price bracket in the UK and USA. Staff numbers have doubled to keep up with demand.