Winners 2018/Beverages Silver

Project: ASK: Beer from Interflora Denmark

Client: Interflora Denmark

Design: Pearlfisher

Florist, Interflora Denmark, wanted to branch out from a female dominated customer base and tap into the male market with a new gifting option.

Beer was identified as the solution, but with the sector being hugely competitive and crowded, the beer needed to be a credible alternative to others and the branding would be vital in assuring buy-in.

Weaving a tree and roots into the bottle design, that is itself made from dark recycled glass, they communicated the botanical origins and used muted tones for a premium cue to justify the higher price point.

By leveraging Interflora’s botanic heritage to create a uniquely differentiated brand, ASK beer appealed to both customers and member florists. Before the product was ready for sampling, the first batch totally sold out in just two weeks on the strength of the brand story and design alone. In only one month, Interflora Denmark recouped the design investment. Sales soared 43% above the one-year target, with the online revenue target beaten by 124%.